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This is the Värd Skepp, the Host Ship. People from many lands, times, and worlds are taken onto here as guests - guests under contract. What is the contract you ask? The benefits are immense - you need not pay for your time on the Host Ship, you are free to explore and live there, the food is free, and ghostly staff will wait on your every request. The price? You are not allowed to leave of your own free will - your contract will need to expire. How long will a contract last? There's no telling - all that is known is that the Host of our ship is a main that identifies himself as "Karsaburo" and to all newcomers to the Host ship he sends this note:

"You have been contracted to this ship, and are hereby bound to it. You are free to explore, to learn, to grow, and to live. The price is that until the contract expires you will never leave. If you have any wish - any at all, merely summon me. I will be watching always - and will grant any wish you may have... for an appropriate price."
It's a freeform RP with any character allowed - fandom or OC. Uh... enjoy and such~ I'm sure things will be very fun indeed here.
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Be sure to read the rules and world regulations, as well, and check the map and have fun yo~

Also, for more information on the setting, or some terms, please see the Setting Information

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Zero [Head]
AIM - Suik Gloris
MSN - lordkarsaburo@hotmail.com

AIM - Mega da Hedgie
MSN - Mega_zee_Hedgie@hotmail.com

AIM - keysmashFTW
MSN - Flame_Alchemist_Fan43@hotmail.com
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